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Change Management Fundamentals for Project Managers

Upon completion of this course, participants will master the essential principles and strategies of organizational change management for effective project leadership.

You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Define the scope and timing considerations for organizational change in project management.
  • Conduct a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and tailor engagement strategies for diverse personas.
  • Draft clear and impactful communication plans that resonate with various stakeholder needs.
  • Empower project leaders through robust enablement plans and equip people managers to support their teams effectively.
  • Mitigate potential negative impacts of change through thorough impact analysis and proactive strategies.
  • Develop readiness assessments to gauge organizational preparedness for change and inform tailored strategies.
  • Address end users' performance support needs and design comprehensive training plans for successful adoption.
  • Establish sustainable change by developing continuous monitoring and improvement mechanisms for long-term effectiveness.